Clock Cottage – Directions & Local Information

About Your Cottage


Clock Cottage is located on the former site of Matlock Mill (Bailey’s Mill) and millpond, off Lumsdale Road, Matlock Town, a mid 18th century mill complex. Bailey’s Mill, Matlock. The large rambling five storey stone mill, probably dating back to the late 18th century, was built for Samuel Unwin, across a deep narrow valley on the Bentley Brook. There is presently no sign of either a waterwheel or of turbines, but the water courses remain. A steam engine was added in the late 19th century and roller milling was introduced about the same time. Henry Bailey started to operate from the mill in 1881 and EH Bailey Ltd continued to work here until at least 1941. It has now been converted into houses and apartments.

Matlock, the county town of Derbyshire, is a former spa town situated at a sharp bend in the River Derwent, where it turns south to carve its way through the ridge of limestone which bars its route towards Derby. Just downriver of the main town lies Matlock Bath, which is enclosed by the limestone cliffs of the gorge and contains the main tourist attractions of the locality.

In many respects Matlock seems quite a new town, certainly when compared with Buxton or Bakewell for instance. The reason is that Matlock was an unimportant collection of small villages centred around the church until thermal springs were discovered in 1698. Even this did not lead to an immediate development of Matlock because the route down the Derwent was blocked by Willersley crags at Cromford, so the road to Matlock from the south arrived by a circuitous and hilly route.

This situation was remedied by the cutting of the road through Scarthin Nick near Cromford in 1818, though Matlock had already begun to gain a reputation as a rather select spa by then. The Victorian era saw the development of Matlock Bath as a fashionable resort and the construction by John Smedley in 1853 of the vast Hydro on the steep hill to the north of the river crossing at the centre of the town. This enormous hotel functioned as a spa until the 1950s, when it closed and was taken over by Derbyshire County Council as its headquarters.

The coming of the railways in the 1870s transformed Matlock again, this time into a resort for day-trippers from the Derby-Nottingham area and further south. From then on Matlock spawned tourist attractions in the form of show caverns, cable railways, petrifying wells, pleasure gardens and even recently a theme park. The evidence of the change which came over the place can be seen best at Matlock Bath, where the amusement arcades along the main road provide a sharp contrast with the elegant Victorian villas above.

The modern town is divided neatly into two: the main town radiating out from the river crossing opposite the railway station and Matlock Bath spread out along the gorge to the south. Whereas Matlock itself seems solid and Victorian with neat stone houses going in rows up the hill, the Bath has a more frivolous air. Overlooking it all is the gigantic folly that is Riber Castle, built in the 1860s by the same John Smedley who constructed the Hydro.

The town has a full range of shops and facilities, however the principal hotels are both in the Bath – the New Bath Hotel is out on the road to Cromford opposite Wildcat crags and the Temple Hotel is on the hill below the Heights of Abraham. The Grand Pavilion at Matlock Bath is a pleasure palace built in 1910 alongside the River Derwent. It houses the Peak District Lead Mining Museum and has recently been purchased by the community after years of neglect. There are plans to refurbish it with a Heritage Lottery Fund grant as a theatre and venue.

What do we need to bring?

We have tried to make the cottages a home-from-home so hopefully you will find most things you need at the cottage. These are self-catering cottages so you will need to bring (or buy locally) your own food and other supplies you may need. The cost of your holiday includes bed linen, quality towels and face flannels for each guest. As part of your starter pack, we will also equip the cottage with:

    • A pint of milk, some tea, coffee and sugar
    • Two clean tea towels & oven gloves
    • Clean table cloth on dining table
    • An initial supply of toilet rolls
    • Roll of kitchen paper
    • Bottle of washing-up liquid, new J-cloth & new washing-up sponge / scourer
    • Spare bin-liners for kitchen bin
    • An initial supply of dishwasher tablets
    • Salt & pepper in grinders
    • Liquid soap in dispensers at hand basins
    • A small supply of toiletries in case you forget something!

The full address of the cottage is Clock Cottage, 6 Bentley Brook, off Lumsdale Road, Matlock,  DE4 5NS


The key safe is  at the left hand side of the house, round the side by the steps up to the garden.Clock Cottage Location



We have 2 private parking spaces in the site car park – turn left  as you approach the cottage. The spaces are the first spaces on the left hand side as you enter the main car parking area, labelled Clock Cottage. All the spaces are reserved, so please do not use any other spaces in the car park – if you have an additional vehicle it can be parked out of the mill complex on Lumsdale Road.







Please note that the area outside the front of the cottage does not belong to us – we only have a right of way across it – so please do not park anywhere outside the designated car park spaces inside the mill complex or use the shared areas for activities.

Keeping Safe & Secure

 We care about your safety. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the layout of the property and how you would escape should fire occur. To help minimise the risk of fire:

    • Don’t let children play with matches or lighters;
    • Don’t leave children alone near the cooker when it is in use;
    • Watch chip pans;
    • Check heaters;
    • Make sure everything is switched off last thing at night;
    • Do not smoke inside the cottage;
    • Make sure the young or elderly take special care.

There are fire alarms in the cottage. They are sensitive so they may let you know very quickly if a piece of toast is getting a little ‘well done’. Once the ‘smoke’ has cleared they will re-set themselves in about a minute.

There is a fire blanket in the kitchen situated on the wall by the sink. Familiarise yourself with their instructions for use but do not tackle a fire if you think it will put you at personal risk. Above all, if there is a fire:


In an emergency, should you need to turn off any of the services to the cottage:

    • The stop-tap for water in located in the cupboard under the kitchen;
    • The fuse-box is in the lower kitchen cupboard 
    • The stop-tap for gas in located in the meter box outside the cottage
Telephone  & Broadband

Mobile reception is reasonable on most networks in the village.

Free WiFi is available at the cottage. You will need to enter a security key into your computer to access the network:

SSID: EE-Hub-82Jj

Password: COAT-fly-tuned

Central Heating

The central heating is run by a gas combi-boiler. You should not touch the settings on the boiler – the heating is pre-programmed but it can also be controlled using the thermostat which is located in the dining room

The boiler will make hot water automatically when you turn on a tap.


The TV has Freesat. You need to have both the TV (Sony Remote Control) and the set top box switched on (Manhattan Remote Control). Use the set top box remote control to change channels.  If you cannot see a picture, make sure the source for the TV is set to SAT not TV, using the source button on the Sony remote control.

Satellite channels start at 101 (BBC 1), 102 (BBC2) etc..


Out of consideration to other visitors who will subsequently occupy the cottage, we ask guests not to smoke inside.


Dogs really enjoy a holiday in the country with their families, so we have made our cottages dog-friendly where we can. We ask you to ensure that your dog is well-behaved, remains downstairs and off the furniture at all times. You should never leave your dog alone in the cottage or the patio areas.

Garden Furniture

There is garden furniture already in the garden and some additional furniture in the Summer House at the top of the garden.

There are cushions for the seating stored in the double bed – it is hinged and lifts from the footer. Please do not leave the cushions out in the garden when not being used.

Shopping & Eating Out

Matlock is small enough to be welcoming but large enough to offer a variety shops, restaurants and bars. It also has a wonderful park, Hall Leys, which is in the centre of the town and gives a sense of space, openness and nature.

There is also a good range well known shops in Matlock. This includes Sainsburys, Marks and Spencer food, a Co-op convenience store, Boots the chemist, Superdrug and Wilkinsons.  Matlock has a good range of independent shops too.

For drinks there are also a good range of options. From the traditional surroundings of the Remarkable Hare and Moca, who both offer a good range of drinks, including local ales to Monk, that serves cocktails with a more modern wine bar environment. Many of the bars also have live music at weekends, offering the opportunity to enjoy local artists and bands. Details are usually listed on the individual websites.

There are a good range of bars and restaurants in Matlock, including Thai, Indian, Italian, traditional, tapas and fine dining, including:

Maazi Indian Restaurant 25 Causeway Lane, Matlock, DE4 3AR,

telephone: 01629 582534

Millers Bar & Grill 66a Dale Road, Matlock, DE4 3LT

telephone: 01629 593440

Red Lion Pub Causeway Lane, Matlock,

telephone 01629 584888

Stones Dale road, Matlock,

telephone: 01629 56061

Thailand No.1 43 Dale Road, Matlock, DE4 3LT,

telephone: 01629 584444

The Remarkable Hare The Remarkable Hare, Dale Road, Matlock,

telephone 01629 580850

Viva Italian Restaurant Dale Road, Matlock,

telephone: 01629 593505

Duke of William Pub 91 Church St Matlock DE4 3BZ
telephone: 01629 583111

We ask that you vacate the cottage by 10am on your day of departure.

Please can you lock the cottage and put the keys back in the lockbox at the left hand side of the house, round the side by the steps up to the garden. Note the lockbox requires you to put the code in again to close it.


The green bin, by the back door, is for general waste (commercial bins in Derbyshire are all green (not the green lidded ones which are for garden waste). The council will empty this weekly and will come onto the property to empty the bin.

There is just one recycling bin:

Blue Bin – Main body of bin

    • Mixed glass bottles and jars (green, brown, clear and blue glass – please remove caps, tops, lids and corks)food and drinks cans
    • aerosols
    • aluminium trays/foil trays
    • plastic bottles (including plastic caps) and containers
    • beverage cartons

Blue Bin – Basket insert

    • newspapers
    • magazines
    • postal advertising
    • white and brown envelopes
    • paper (including shredded paper)
    • telephone directories (including yellow pages)
    • card / cardboard


There are spare light-bulbs under the kitchen sink should you need to replace one. You will also find a supply of toilet rolls, kitchen towels and cleaning materials should you need them.

But should anything else break or get broken, please let us know so we can get it replaced.


If you have any problems at the cottage please call: 01629 828 301