Dove Cottage – Directions & Cottage Information

About Your Cottage

Dove Cottage, Tideswell, Peak District HolidayTideswell (known locally as ‘Tidza’) is one of the most ancient settlements in the central Peak District and was granted a charter for a market in 1251 – these were held regularly until relatively recently. It was the site of the ‘Great Courts’ of the Royal Forest of the Peak in the time of Edward I and a few of the buildings along the main street have foundations which date from this period. However the major feature from the medieval era is the magnificent 14th-century church, known locally as ‘The Cathedral of the Peak’.

This fine church was funded by the local wool trade and by lead mining – for Tideswell was a major centre for the lead-mining industry from medieval times to the nineteenth century. As the mining declined from 1850 onwards so did the population of the village and it has only started to recover in recent years.

Tideswell today is a bustling village, home to around 1850 people.  It has maintained its traditional feel – and has a thriving range of facilities and activities to make it a perfect base for your holiday.
The village is a hotchpotch of character cottages, individual houses and architectural gems, all squeezed into a tight network of alleys, lanes and narrow roads around a number of ‘squares’. There are many notable buildings in Tideswell including the spectacular Oddfellows Hall, built in 1872, which stands in an elevated position at the rear of the market square.  For a time, this was the Tideswell Picture House.
A walk around the centre of the village reveals a plethora of architectural features including mouldings, mullions, decorated gables and impressive facades, mainly utilising the local limestone or Derbyshire gritstone with a smattering of red brick sourced from the south of the region.

Tideswell is very lucky to have a thriving retail sector – it has a butcher and a baker, but sadly now lacks the candlestick maker – it also has a florist, two general stores (the Co-op is open every day except Christmas Day), greengrocer and delicatessen.

What do we need to bring?

We have tried to make the cottages a home-from-home so hopefully you will find most things you need at the cottage. These are self-catering cottages so you will need to bring (or buy locally) your own food and other supplies you may need. The cost of your holiday includes bed linen, quality towels and face flannels for each guest. As part of your starter pack, we will also equip the cottage with:

    • A pint of milk, some tea, coffee and sugar
    • Two clean tea towels & oven gloves
    • Clean table cloth on dining table
    • An initial supply of toilet rolls
    • Roll of kitchen paper
    • Bottle of washing-up liquid, new J-cloth & new washing-up sponge / scourer
    • Spare bin-liners for kitchen bin
    • An initial supply of dishwasher tablets
    • An initial basket of logs, some eco-fire-lighters and a box of matches
    • Salt & pepper in grinders
    • Liquid soap in dispensers at hand basins
    • A small supply of toiletries in case you forget something!

The full address of the cottage is Dove Cottage, 3 Buxton Road, Tideswell SK17 8PG

The main train stations that can be found around the Tideswell area are the Buxton, Dove Holes and Hope Valley stations which are all roughly 10-20 minutes away from the village itself. There are also stations in Grindleford and Bamford, which provide an excellent service to nearby Sheffield and Manchester.

The key to the cottage is kept in a key safe at the rear of the cottage. If you stand on the pavement facing the cottage, there is a driveway at the end of the terrace on the right hand side. Walk around to the back of the cottage (green door) and you will find the key safe on the wall.  You will need to unlock the front door first to enter the cottage.

Please note that the area outside the back door is owned by our neighbours and we only have pedestrian right of way around the back of the cottage. Please do not allow your dog into this area.

The main train stations that can be found around the Tideswell area are the Buxton, Dove Holes and Hope Valley stations which are all roughly 10-20 minutes away from the village itself. There are also stations in Grindleford and Bamford, which provide an excellent service to nearby Sheffield and Manchester.

The key to the cottage is kept in a key safe, located by the kitchen door – the door at the fork in the roads.


We do not have private parking at the cottage, but you will usually find a space on the road outside  the cottage.

Keeping Safe & Secure

 We care about your safety. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the layout of the property and how you would escape should fire occur. To help minimise the risk of fire:

    • Don’t let children play with matches or lighters;
    • Don’t leave children alone near the cooker when it is in use;
    • Watch chip pans;
    • Check heaters;
    • Make sure everything is switched off last thing at night;
    • Do not smoke inside the cottage;
    • Make sure the young or elderly take special care.

There are fire alarms in the cottage. They are sensitive so they may let you know very quickly if a piece of toast is getting a little ‘well done’. Once the ‘smoke’ has cleared they will re-set themselves in about a minute.

There is a fire blanket in the kitchen situated on the wall by the sink. Familiarise yourself with their instructions for use but do not tackle a fire if you think it will put you at personal risk. Above all, if there is a fire:


In an emergency, should you need to turn off any of the services to the cottage:

    • The stop-tap for water in located in the cupboard under the kitchen sink;
    • The fuse-box is in the far left corner of the sitting room in a cupboard recessed in the wall 
    • The stop-tap for gas in located in the utility cupboard outside the front of the cottage.
Telephone  & Broadband

Mobile reception is reasonable on most networks in the village.

Free WiFi is available at the cottage. You will need to enter a security key into your computer to access the network. The code is on the back of the router, on the sitting room windowsill

Central Heating

The central heating is run by a gas boiler. You should not touch the settings on the boiler – the heating is pre-programmed but it can also be controlled using the thermostat which is located in the sitting room

The boiler will keep a tank of hot water available.


The TV is Freeview, and has traditional channel numbers; BBC1=1, BBC2=2, ITV1=3 etc….

There is a DVD player available in the side of the TV


Out of consideration to other visitors who will subsequently occupy the cottage, we ask guests not to smoke inside.


Dogs really enjoy a holiday in the country with their families, so we have made our cottages dog-friendly where we can. We ask you to ensure that your dog is well-behaved, remains downstairs and off the furniture at all times. You should never leave your dog alone in the cottage.

Shopping & Eating Out

We have the following shops in Tideswell and District.

    • Tindalls – a  fantastic bakery/deli open Monday to Friday, and mornings on Saturday.
    • An organic Butcher – a great butcher selling much of their home-farmed produce. Open most Fridays and 9 am – 3 pm Saturday
    • Peaches – the greengrocers, open seven days per week (till lunchtime on Saturday) and runs Shop In Tideswell
    • High Nelly’s Café – excellent coffee, tea and a tasty Swedish inspired menu
    • The Roostery Café sells fabulous coffee, great food and sells a range of cheeses, dairy produce and other local produce (open seven days a week)
    • HnD’s Bistro tearoom – a range of interesting teas, excellent coffee and cakes.
    • Fountain Square Pharmacy
    • Tideswell Stores – cards and gifts
    • Tideswell Book Shop – a wonderful collection of second-hand books located in the spectacular surrounds of the old bank.  Sweets and cards too. (open Thursday – Sunday)
    • The Cherry Tree  – a fabulous sandwich shop (weekdays only)
    • Our Co-op opens 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm.  The only day it closes is on Xmas day!
    • Seven food-serving pubs – The Horse and Jockey, The Star, The George, The Anchor, The Red Lion, the Anglers Rest and the Queen Anne – check for food serving times.  Not forgetting The Cressbrook, a club in Cressbrook
    • Two fish and chip shops
    • A cash point, opposite the Roostery or cashback in the Coop
    • We are covered by a range of takeaways too, Hnd’s Bistro, Stella’s Kitchen, Hope Valley Pizza, Little India and the Curry Cabin


We ask that you vacate the cottage by 10am on your day of departure.

Please can you lock the cottage and put the keys back in the lockbox by the kitchen door.


The dustbin is outside the back door. It is a single black bin where everything is put in together and taken to the recycling centre


Should anything else break or get broken, please let us know so we can get it replaced.


If you have any problems at the cottage please call: 01629 828 301