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Lavender Cottage Eyam

The historic village of Eyam (pronounced ‘eem’), in the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, which became famous after the Black Death of 1665 and 1666. An outbreak of the plague was contained when the villagers decided to isolate themselves from the surrounding communities. Many people in the village died. It is also known that some of the village population were genetically unique and naturally immune to this very deadly disease. There are still descendants of this line in Eyam.

Village life in Britain has changed considerably in the past fifty years, and many villages have emptied as people moved away to the towns. Eyam however still has a vibrant community and thriving businesses. Eyam has links with industry, being a worldwide centre for the production of fluorspar, a material of great value in smelting and open hearth furnaces.

‘Wakes Week’ at the end of August is a high point in the village year. Various community events take place and the historic Well Dressings, designed and created each year by local people, are put on display. Wakes Week culminates in the village Carnival, which is great fun and raises substantial sums for local charities. The Plague Memorial Service also takes place on the Sunday of the August Bank Holiday weekend, where the experience of the village during the plague is remembered and honoured. It starts with a procession from the church to Cucklet Delf where the service is held, commemorating the outdoor services also held there during the time of the plague when the church was closed.

There are many places of interest to visit in the village, including St Lawrence’s Church, the Boundary Stone, the Riley Graves (where the Hancock family were buried, their only survivor being Mrs Hancock who buried her husband and six children), Mompesson’s Well, the Darby Graves and Eyam Hall.

What do we need to bring?

We have tried to make the cottages a home-from-home so hopefully you will find most things you need at the cottage. These are self-catering cottages so you will need to bring (or buy locally) your own food and other supplies you may need. The cost of your holiday includes bed linen, towels and face flannels for each guest. As part of your starter pack, we will also equip the cottage with:

    • A pint of milk, some tea, coffee and sugar
    • Two clean tea towels & oven gloves
    • An initial supply of toilet rolls
    • Roll of kitchen paper
    • Bottle of washing-up liquid, new dish cloth & new washing-up sponge / scourer
    • Spare bin-liners for kitchen bin
    • An initial supply of dishwasher tablets
    • An initial basket of logs, some eco-fire-lighters and a box of matches
    • Salt & pepper in grinders
    • Liquid soap in dispensers at hand basins
    • A small supply of toiletries in case you forget something!

For hygiene reasons, items on the welcome tray are all individually wrapped.


Lavender Cottage, 2 Upper Burch Row, Eyam S32 5RF

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There is free on-street parking on the Causeway and New Road.  Please do not try to park on the lanes at the back of the cottage, as these are very tight for space.

The entrance to the cottage is through the gate on the end of the Terrance, to the right,  passing the front of the neighbours house to get to Lavender Cottage.

The key safe is to the right of the main door. The code will be in an email sent to you.

Keeping Safe & Secure

 We care about your safety. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the layout of the property and how you would escape should fire occur. To help minimise the risk of fire:

    • Don’t let children play with matches or lighters;
    • Don’t leave children alone near the cooker when it is in use;
    • Watch chip pans;
    • Check heaters;
    • Make sure everything is switched off last thing at night;
    • Do not smoke inside the cottage;
    • Make sure the young or elderly take special care.

There are fire alarms in the cottage. They are sensitive so they may let you know very quickly if a piece of toast is getting a little ‘well done’. Once the ‘smoke’ has cleared they will re-set themselves in about a minute.

There is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.  Familiarise yourself with their instructions for use but do not tackle a fire if you think it will put you at personal risk. Above all, if there is a fire:


In an emergency, should you need to turn off any of the services to the cottage:

    • The stop-tap for water in located in the cupboard under the kitchen sink;
    • The fuse-box is in the kitchen in the corner cupboard.
    • The stop-tap for gas in located outside in the utility box to the left of the cottage

Your location is 2 Upper Burch Row, Eyam S32 5RF

Telephone  & Broadband

Mobile reception is reasonable on most networks in the village.

Free WiFi is available at the cottage. You will need to enter a security key into your computer / phone to access the network. The router is under the TV and the code is on the back


The freezer is located in the basement – please take care as the steps are uneven (we are a listed building)


The garden is the lawned area in front of the cottage. The neighbours have a right to pass the front of the cottage on the path to reach their cottage.

The front garden however is not enclosed, so please ensure your dogs are kept on a lead so they do not wander into the neighbours gardens. The rear of the cottage belongs to neighbouring cottages.

Central Heating

The central heating is run by a gas combi-boiler. You should not touch the settings on the boiler – the heating can be controlled using the thermostat which is located on the wall by the side of the stairs in the sitting room.

The thermostat is pre-programmed to come on in the morning and also in the late afternoon & evening. You can boost or adjust the temperature by turning the central button pressing the central button to set it.

The boiler will make hot water automatically when you turn on a tap.

Log Burning Stove

To light the fire, place 1 or 2 curly firelighters in the grate. Put 3 or 4 pieces of kindling on top of the paper and one small log on the top of the kindling. Then light the newspaper and ensure the door is closed. The air vent on the front of the fire should be open approximately 1 revolution (turning the dial anti-clockwise).

The stove works best when it only has a small number of logs in it at any time – one or two logs is sufficient and will keep the sitting room warm. Do not leave the door of the fire open at any time.


The TV is  Freeview – the channels are 1=BBC1, 2=BBC2 3=ITV1 etc.

The TV also has connection to catchup TV and streaming services such as Netflix – you will need your own username / password to access these services. Please log out of these services before you depart, otherwise a future guest may have access to your account.


Out of consideration to other visitors who will subsequently occupy the cottage, we ask guests not to smoke inside.

Quiet Hours

We are a small village, so please ensure noise is kept to a minimum particularly after 10pm. Please do not play music when outside the cottage.


Dogs really enjoy a holiday in the country with their families, so we have made our cottages dog-friendly where we can. We ask you to ensure that your dog is well-behaved, remains downstairs and off the furniture at all times. You should never leave your dog alone in the cottage or the garden or courtyard areas.

Local Shopping


    • Cafe Village Green: Quirky cafe in the heart of Eyam. Fab coffee & tempting home baking. Located in the Square. Open Thu – Mon 9.15 – 4.15
    • Eyam Tea Rooms: Licensed tea rooms on The Square. all day breakfasts and lunch until 3.30pm, home-baked cakes, and snacks until closing. Open Tue – Sun
    • ​Ivy Cottage: Vintage Tea Room at Dale Head, the Lydgate.
    • The Coolstone: Open for dining and drinks Tue – Sun.
    • The Coolstone Nook: Open for daytime coffee, drinks, snacks, and ice cream in the courtyard at Eyam Hall.
    • ​The Miners Arms: Open Tuesday to Sunday

The nearest petrol station is at Calver crossroads, which also has a “corner shop” & cafe opposite.

The nearest shopping centre is the market town of Bakewell where you will find many local shops and some of the high street names. Just north of Bakewell on the A6 is a Aldi supermarket. Further north on the A6 is Buxton, and to the south are Matlock &, Ashbourne which are also major shopping centres.

Places to Visit

To help you plan your holiday we have put some information on our web-site about the area, places to visit and ‘what’s on’ in the Peak District, which can be found at


We ask that you vacate the cottage by 10am on your day of departure. Please can you lock the cottage and put the keys back in the key safe.


 The dustbin is located in the garden at the front of the cottage.

    • Black Bin: General Waste
    • Blue Lidded Bin: Bottles, Plastic (main body of bin) & paper (top hopper inside)

Should anything else break or get broken, please let us know so we can get it replaced.


If you have any problems at the cottage please call our Cottage Team on 01629 828 299.

This number is also available via Whatsapp

Alternatively you can email us at: