Rock Lodge Farm, Priestcliffe – Directions & Information

Your Cottage

Priestcliffe is a small hamlet which forms part of the parish of Taddington & Priestcliffe. Taddington is one of the highest villages within the Peak District at around 1,000ft, equidistant between Bakewell and Buxton. Taddington lies south of the A6, with the settlements of Priestcliffe and Priestcliffe Ditch lying to the north.

Sometimes described as a Saxon Linear (one street) village, there has been human settlement in the Taddington area since Neolithic times with the Five Wells chambered tombs above the village. The Romans were in the area and the present (Grade 1 listed) 14th century Parish Church is thought to have replaced an earlier chapel on the site; there is an 11th century standing cross in the churchyard. Conservation areas were designated in 1997 in both Priestcliffe and Taddington.

Local fields still have evidence of strip farming systems across the parish, with medieval “watering” lanes leading to High Well above the village and High Mere beyond, on the edge of Taddington Moor. In Priestcliffe an old well adjoins a pond below the settlement.

Traditionally a lead-mining and agricultural settlement, agriculture still plays an important role, but alongside leisure, tourism and commuting to nearby towns and cities.

Once a stopping point for the London to Manchester mail coaches, the Parish is rich in local history and with some of the best walking country and best views in the White Peak



Postcode: SK17 9TN

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On the A6 between Buxton and Bakewell look for the Waterloo Inn and turn into Priestcliffe Road opposite. Stay on Priestcliffe Road going straight across crossroads and passing Priestcliffe Hall Farm on the left. In the hamlet of Priestcliffe, just after passing a small pole-mounted post box and yellow grit box on your right, take a sharp right turn to almost double back on yourself. Stay on this narrow lane for 0.4 miles, passing several buildings on the left. You will eventually see a driveway to your left with a row of farm buildings alongside it and a farm house set back (also on the left). This is Rock Lodge Farm


The property has ample private parking. Follow the drive downhill,
with agricultural buildings on your right. You will pass through a
gateway and on your left will be the barn wing of the property. At the
bottom of the drive there is a small parking area on your left, in front
of the farmhouse, and a large parking area on your right. Both these
areas are for your sole use during your stay.

Please take care not to block any of the farm gates, as these are used by the local farmer to access the fields.


The farmhouse key is kept in a keysafe fixed to the wall on the right hand side of the front door. You will have been given the code in an email the day before you arrive:

    1. Pull open the black weather cover
    2. Press down the CLEAR button
    3. Enter the combination and turn the OPEN dial 180 degrees clockwise to open
    4. To relock, close the lid and turn the OPEN dial counter-clockwise 180° back to the locked position

Please don’t forget to return all keys at the end of your stay, and please leave the front door key in the keysafe!


Free WiFi is available at the farm. The oldest parts of the property have extremely thick walls and not every bedroom gets a strong signal, but the
ground floor is well covered.

SSID: PeakHols

Password: peak6375hols


What do we need to bring?

We have tried to make the cottages a home-from-home so hopefully you will find most things you need at the cottage. These are self-catering cottages so you will need to bring (or buy locally) your own food and other supplies you may need. The cost of your holiday includes bed linen, quality towels and face flannels for each guest. As part of your starter pack, we will also equip the cottage with:

    • A pint of milk, some tea, coffee and sugar
    • Two clean tea towels & oven gloves
    • Clean table cloth on dining table
    • An initial supply of toilet rolls
    • Roll of kitchen paper
    • Bottle of washing-up liquid, new J-cloth & new washing-up sponge / scourer
    • Spare bin-liners for kitchen bin
    • An initial supply of dishwasher tablets
    • An initial basket of logs, some eco-fire-lighters and a box of matches
    • Salt & pepper in grinders
    • Liquid soap in dispensers at hand basins
    • A small supply of toiletries in case you forget something!
Keeping Safe & Secure


We care about your safety. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the layout of the property and how you would escape should fire occur. To help minimise the risk of fire:

    • Don’t let children play with matches or lighters;
    • Don’t leave children alone near the cooker when it is in use;
    • Watch chip pans;
    • Check heaters;
    • Make sure everything is switched off last thing at night;
    • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises;
    • Make sure the young or elderly take special care.

There are smoke alarms in the cottage. Smoke alarms interlinked within the farmhouse and within the barn wing. They are sensitive so they may let you know very quickly if a piece of toast is getting a little ‘well done’. Once the ‘smoke’ has cleared they will re-set themselves in about a minute.

There is a fire blanket in each of the kitchens, situated on the wall by the table. Familiarise yourself with their instructions for use but do not tackle a fire if you think it will put you at personal risk. Above all, if there is a fire:


The fields surrounding the property are actively farmed, as pasture for dairy
cows and sheep. In winter the agricultural buildings alongside the driveway
are used to house animals which are fed twice daily.

If you have children staying with you we strongly advise you to keep the gate halfway up the drive closed and ensure they don’t try to play with the animals!

In the orchard at the front of the farmhouse are some wooden swings, and
to the rear of the property is a low treehouse. We advise you not
to use the treehouse as the steps to it can become very slippery, especially
following wet weather. If you choose to use the treehouse or swings then
you do so at your own risk.

Stoves & Open Fire

The farmhouse has a traditional open fire in the living room, as well as a gas stove in the large dining room. On arrival you will find firelighters, wood kindling and an initial supply of logs. You can pick up more at most local
stores and garages.

The open fire has a fire guard and a spark guard. Please ensure the fire has burned out and the spark guard is in front of it before going to bed, or if you
leave the room for any length of time.

The gas stove is switched on using the controls on its right hand side. Open the gas tap, press and twist the dial on the side of the stove. If the stove is cold you’ll need to hold the dial down for a few minutes until the pilot light stays lit. There is no guard around this stove and it gets very hot.

The barn annexe has a wood-burning stove in the living room. To light it, add a firelighter or a liberal amount of newspaper with several pieces of wood kindling. Place two smaller logs on top and light the paper/firelighter. After lighting, set the air regulator wheel to maximum and leave the door partially open for the first few minutes. When the fire is established, add logs to the top
of the front grate, close the fire door fully and ensure it is locked. Then move the air regulator wheel to a lower setting. There is no guard around this
stove and it gets very hot.

Children must be supervised!

Heating & Hot Water

The farmhouse and the barn annexe have separate, fully independent central heating systems. On arrival the whole property should already be at a comfortable temperature, with ample hot water available, and you should not need to make any changes.

The farmhouse has gas central heating (LPG) set on a thermostat timer, which is located at the bottom of the stairs, by the entrance to the sitting room.

The barn annexe has oil central heating, underfloor throughout the ground floor and radiators on the first floor. Each room has a small control panel on the wall.

Hot water is made on demand by the boilers.

Outside space
Orchard at the front of the farm

The fields surrounding the property are actively farmed, as pasture for dairy cows and sheep. In winter the agricultural buildings alongside the driveway are used to house animals which are fed twice daily.  There are public rights of way through those fields – signposted – and across the front yard of the house.

Rear Lawn area, access also from dining room

If you have pets, please keep them under close control when in the fields and the un enclosed areas outside.


The orchard to the front of the cottage and lawn area behind the cottage are both enclosed and reasonably secure for well behaved dogs.

Rear paddock area

The paddock area (where the low tree house is located), also behind the house, is also fenced. But always take care please as we are close to livestock, and do not leave dogs unsupervised when outside.


Most appliances with be similar to those you have at home, but some things can fox guests…..


Both the farmhouse and the barn have TV’s in their sitting rooms. Both have satellite TV, so both the TV & the Sky set top box need to be switched on. You use the Sky remote control to change the channels which are 101-BBC1, 102-BBC2, 103-ITV etc

Cooker – Farmhouse

The range cooker may need to be turned on with the red switch on the wall, just to the left of the cooker.

Gas burners: Choose the control knob for the burner you want to use, press it down gently and turn it anticlockwise. The ignitors will spark. Hold the knob down for approximately 10 seconds after the burner has lit.  Adjust the flame to the desired level. To switch the burner off, turn the knob clockwise until you hear a click.
Setting the clock: When power to the oven is turned on, 0:00 and AUTO will flash in the display. Press the hand symbol and then the UP and DOWN arrows until you have the correct time of day.
Ovens: Select the desired function using the function knob and the oven lights will come on. Select the temperature using the temperature control knob and the oven temperature light will illuminate.

When the oven reaches the specified temperature the light will go out. When you have finished cooking, turn the function and temperature control knobs to the off 0 position. Note: press the button with the hand symbol if AUTO is flashing or steadily illuminated.

User manual:

Cooker – Barn Annex

The NEFF oven may first need to be switched on using the large red switch on the wall, above and to the right of the appliance. You may therefore need to set the clock, which is done by pressing the <> clock function button and then using the rotary selector to input the current time (see image on the right).
To switch the appliance on, turn the operating mode selector to the desired mode and turn the temperature selector to the required temperature. The thermometer indicator lamp will illuminate while the appliance is heating up, and during any subsequent heating. To switch the appliance off, turn the operating mode selector and the temperature selector back to the o position.

Fridge & Freezer

There is a fridge freezer in the farmhouse kitchen and also a second fridge freezer in the barn Annex

Washing machine / Tumble Dryer

The utility room in the farmhouse has a washing machine and tumble dryer.  The barn annex has a combined washer / dryer.


Both kitchens have a dishwasher installed in them

Local Shops

There are no shops or pubs in Priescliffe.

The nearest major supermarkets are all 6 miles away in Buxton, approximately 15 minutes drive. Follow the main A6 towards Buxton and as you enter the town you’ll see Morrisons on your right at a mini-roundabout. If you pass this
bearing right and head further into town, following signs for the station, you’ll pass under a railway bridge and soon reach a large shopping centre with M&S and Waitrose. Buxton also has Aldi, Sainsburys Local and Tesco Express.

Alternatively, if you go south on the A6, also around 6 miles, you get to Bakewell. On approaching Bakewell there is an Aldi supermarket, with additional shops in the town centre.

The nearest pub is across the road in Taddington – 10 minutes walk. There are a wide selection of pubs and restaurants in both Buxton & Bakewell.


We ask that you vacate the farm by 10am on your day of departure. Please can you lock the cottage and put the keys back in the key safe.


The dustbin is located in the parking area at the front of the farm. The large green bin is for all waste. Sadly the council do not offer recycling for holiday cottages at this time.


Should anything else break or get broken, please let us know so we can get it replaced.


If you have any problems at the cottage please call: 01629 828 301