Staycations are advertised everywhere – are they a new thing?

Peak District Staycation with Peak Holidays

A staycation, in fact, isn’t a new thing. The word can be traced back to 1944, when an advert for beer encouraged readers to help the war effort by tending to their victory gardens, writing to soldiers on the front and: “Take a Stay-cation instead of a Va-cation, this year. Trains and buses are crowded. Gasoline and tyres must still be conserved.”

Since the pandemic, in which foreign travel has ranged from discouraged to impossible, ‘staycation’ has become a buzzword that’s used to promote any holiday that isn’t abroad. But call it what you like – staycation, holiday, vacation, break, leave, respite, honeymoon, time off  –  now is the time to think about visiting the Derbyshire Peak District…… you could say, take a Peak Staycation. Or how about #PeakStaycation ?

Travelling to a destination in the UK means you’re only a few hours away – 50m people live within 4 hours of the Peak District – you can just pack up the car and head off on an adventure. There’s no waiting around for hours to check in and board that plane.

Whatever your tastes and interests, Peak Holidays have a selection of holiday cottages which provide easy access to all of the Peak District. Choose a relaxing break or explore the numerous local attractions with family or friends, or for the thrill-seekers enjoy an activity holiday – walking, cycling, sailing, water-sports, horse riding, climbing – the options are endless.

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Peak Holidays are local – based in Bakewell & Sheffield, truly independent – we have no affiliations with any of the national providers, and experienced – we have been in business for 25 years.